Bonino Estate Vineyards-Organic Page

Weed Management

All weed management is done organically.


We carefully observe the spring rainfall and the vine growth determines the amount of irrigation that is applied to the vineyard. Irrigation is applied to maintain plant vigor and canopy growth while employing water conservation methodologies. Our vineyard irrigation is automated and utilized at night to limit the amount of water evaporation, maximize water absorption by the vines and maintain energy efficiency.


Bonino Estate Vineyards utilizes organic fertilization methodologies. Vine nutrition is maintained through leaf petiole analysis twice a year. If needed, fertilization is applied through fertigation and/or foliar applications. Table Scraps to Fine Wines/Four Course Compost is applied annually.

Disease Management

As with our fertilization methods, Bonino Estate Vineyards employs organic disease management methodologies. Integrated disease management practices are implemented and used. Spray decisions are based on disease forecasting models such as the Grape Powdery Mildew Index. Spraying is stopped at veraison fungicides with different modes of action rotated throughout the season. We also use Sulfur Dust and Wettable Sulfurs as part of our organic disease management practices.

Annual Farm Plan

We observe internode spacing and cane growth from the previous year's fruiting wood to achieve pruning vine balance. In most cases, we leave four spurs per foot of cordon.
Suckering: Suckering and thinning is done to two shoots to spur.
Fruit Thinning: Fruit is thinned based on cane growth and leaf surface. Primary Bunch Selection is done at veraison, leaving one bunch for fewer than 12 leaves; two bunches at 16 to 24 leaves.
Leaf Thinning: If needed, leaf removal is confined to the areas around the bunches to enhance exposure to sunlight and air.
Canopy Management: The canopy is maintained so that the bunches are exposed to indirect sunlight while direct sunlight is maximized on the fruiting wood.
Harvest: Under direction of Benziger Family Winery, grape phenolics and maturity is determined for optimal harvest conditions. The fruit is hand picked at optimum PH, T/A and flavors.

Insectaries and Ecological Areas

Native plants surround the vineyard site. We maintain natural insectaries to promote a habitat that is beneficial for insects thereby eliminating the need to use pesticides.
In addition, birdhouses, raptor perches and bat boxes are in place to attract natural predators.

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